Operation and Educational Objectives

The Library is open during all hours that the School is in operation.  Students in grades 1 through 4 visit the Library once per week, whilst those in grades 5 and 6 once every two weeks, as per their timetables. In addition to voluntary reading and the borrowing of both English and foreign language books, children attend Information Literacy classes and carry out small research projects in the Library.  The objective of the latter two is to help students acquire research skills that include the ability to evaluate, locate and compile information utilizing the Library’s printed and electronic resources.  At the same time, students visit a specially designed area in the Library with their English classes where the corresponding librarian/consultant helps them borrow English language books and prepare Information Literacy projects.

Moreover, the Library promotes and cultivates a love of reading through voluntary reading, storytelling and literary text narration by the Librarians, as well as by providing students opportunities to meet authors of children’s books.  Students regularly attend events in the Library that feature the presentation of selected topics and books by authors, illustrators and other professionals.