National Book and Children’s Book Award Winners Announced

The Directorate of Literature of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports has awarded the 2018 National Book Awards and Children’s Book Awards (for books published in 2017).

Prizes were awarded to Fragkiski Ampatzopoulou (Grand Prize for Literature), Soti Triantafyllou, Giorgos Kyriakopoulos, Elisavet Chronopoulou, Crystalli Glyniadaki, Alexis Politis, Rika Benveniste, Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Giorgos K. Panagiotakis, Daniela Stamatiadi, Vangelis Iliopoulos, Seng Soun Ratanavanh, Rodoula Pappa and Marisa De Castro. A commendation was awarded to the literary journal Poetics.

This is the second National Book Awards announcement in 2019. It demonstrates the dedication and zeal with which members of the Committees have worked to provide an opinion on three-year awards during their two-year term of office.  This was in an effort to restore regularity to the institution and to award national prizes annually for books published in the preceding year.

It should be noted that during the 2018 National Book Awards Ceremony, which will be held shortly, the National Play Prize will also be awarded.

2018 Prizes:

The Grand Prize for Literature was awarded to Fragkiski Ampatzopoulou for her overall contribution to literature.  The Committee regards Fragiski Ampatzopoulou’s innovative and long-term contribution as having been pivotal to the establishment of new fields of research in literature; hence, the decision to bestow upon her the Grand Prize for Literature.  Fragkiski Ampatzopoulou is Professor Emeritus of Modern Greek Literature at the Department of Philology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She studied history, archaeology and philology in Athens and Paris. She has written a wealth of essays, critiques and poems, and has translated other authors. Since the 1970s, she has published a number of poetry collections.

The Prize for Fiction was awarded, by majority vote, to Soti Triantafyllou for her novel, “The End of the World in an English Garden” (Patakis Editions), which is set in 17th century London.

The Prize for Short Story – Novella was unanimously awarded to two authors (alphabetically): Elisavet Chronopoulou for her book, “The Other Enemy” (Polis Publications) and Giorgos Kyriakopoulos for his book, “Arapina’s Great-Great Granddaughter and Other Stories” (Estia Editions).

The Prize for Poetry was awarded, by majority vote, to Crystalli Glyniadaki for her book, “The Return of the Dead” (Polis Publications).

The Prize for Critical Essay was awarded, by majority vote, to Alexis Politis for his work “Romantic Literature in the Nation-State 1830-1880.  Poetry, Prose, Theater, Spiritual Movement, Readers” (Crete University Editions).

The Prize for Testimonial Narrative – Biography – Chronical – Travel Literature was awarded, by majority vote, to Rika Benveniste for her book “Luna. Historical Biographc Essay” (Polis Publications).

The Special Prize to a writer whose book promotes dialogue on sensitive social issues was awarded, by unanimous vote, to Konstantinos Papageorgiou for his book, “Refugees and Our Duties Towards Them” (Polis Publications). 

By majority vote, it was decided to not award the Emerging Author Prize (under the age of 35) for books published in 2017.  The Committee considers that the age limit on emerging authors as imposed by prevailing law drastically limits its choices in this category.

Children’s Book Prizes

The Children’s Book Prize was awarded, by majority vote, to Giorgos K. Panagiotakis’ book, “Strange Creatures’ Club, book 2. When they came for me” (Patakis Editions).

The Children’s Illustrated Book Prize was shared by two persons: Seng Soun Ratanavanh (illustrator) and Rodoula Pappa (text) for the book “A Tiny Grasshopper at the Tip of the Puppy’s Nose”… haiku for four season, from Nefeli Editions.

The 2017 Adolescent Book Prize was awarded to Vangelis Iliopoulos for his book, “Thomas Q.BIT. A Traveler in the Mirror of Time” (Patakis Editions).

The Children’s Book of Knowledge Prize was awarded to Marisa De Castro for her book, “Just before… Shortly after 1921, A World in Motion” (edited by Manolis Patiniotis, Aristotelis Tympas), Kaleidoscope Editions.

Lastly, a commendation was awarded, by unanimous vote, to the literary journal Poetics for its contribution to the dissemination, promotion and discussion of literature

Source:  Κathimerini