The Library


The Athens College – Psychico College Library is one of the oldest school libraries in Greece.

Its first books were purchased in 1930, but it was not organized as a library until the early 1950s.  Since 1964, the Library is housed in its own building, approximately 1,300 sq. meters in size, on the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation’s Psychico campus.

Its collection includes approximately 70,000 books, approximately 600 active and inactive magazine titles, subscriptions to databases, as well as many CDs, DVDs and other items.

The Library is a lending library for students, staff and alumni of Athens College and Psychico College.  Borrowing is regulated by internal policies.  It is open to the general public as a reading library.  All users are permitted to photocopy printed materials and to download/print electronic files.

The reading room has study spaces and carrels that can accommodate approximately 200 individuals and offers the use of 44 computers.

The Library’s facilities also include four seminar rooms that are equipped with a total of 36 computers and special equipment for audiovisual projections.  Moreover, in addition to the desktop computers, the Library also has 60 laptops available for use by students conducting research.

The Library is staffed by 14 persons, 12 of which are specialized librarians.