Activities and Services

  • Lessons in Information Literacy and Research Projects

For students in Junior High and High School, librarians, in collaboration with Academic Departments, provide lessons in information literacy.  Through the assignment of research projects, students are taught the process of searching for information, evaluating and utilizing information, formulating research questions, as well as synthesizing the information into a final “product,” documenting their sources and adhering to the rules of academic honesty.   Information literacy provides students with additional assets for their studies at universities in Greece and abroad.

  • Promotion of a love of reading

    The Library recommends books for summer reading, some of which students reflect upon and later analyze in the Library with guidance from librarians and teachers.

  • Bibliographies

    Bibliographies are compiled to serve educational needs and to promote a love of reading.

  • Informational and Technological Support for Users / Visitors

  • Events

A variety of activities are hosted in the Library, such as lectures, exhibitions, educational training sessions, and musical breaks featuring concerts by students in collaboration with the school’s Music Department.