Student Admissions into Elementary School 3rd Grade

(academic year 2020-2021)

Admission for a place in grade 3 is through WRITTEN EXAMS in Greek and Mathematics.


Each of the two tests (English, Mathematics), 75 minutes in duration, will be graded on a scale of 100 points, with 50 points being the passing score.  Students will be admitted strictly on ranking, based on the cumulative score achieved in the Modern Greek and Mathematics tests.  Students who do not achieve a passing grade in either of the aforementioned disciplines are automatically excluded.  Final scores will be announced to parents in writing and no appeal for test retaking or review will be considered.

Candidates will also be examined orally in English in order to determine their competence level and subsequent placement in a corresponding English language section (English as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language, English as a Native Language).


The Administration places successful candidates into one of the two Hellenic-American Educational Foundation schools (Athens College or Psychico College), based on the availability of spaces of each school.  In so doing, priority is given to siblings of current enrolled students in Athens College or Psychico College.

Students who are accepted will complete their schooling in the same school in which they are placed at the time of admission.  A change in school can only take place if a student who has successfully completed Athens College High School grade 10 opts to join the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Programme which is administered by Psychico College.

Admissions exams for students seeking a place in Elementary School grade 3 will take place on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 (14:30-18:45) on the Psychico Campus (15 Stephanou Delta Street, Psychico).

Applications to sit the exams will be accepted online ( from Wednesday, April 15, 2020 through Friday, May 22, 2020 provided that the amount of 120 Euros has been deposited into the College’s bank account in advance.


A recent photograph of the applicant (national ID size) must accompany the application in order for an Exam Identification Card to be issued, which will be mailed to parents.


For more information, you can communicate daily with the Student Admissions Office (Ms. A. Koutiva -