Merit Scholarships


Athens College (Hellenic American Educational Foundation) has established a Merit Scholarship Program for students who successfully gain admission by examination into the College’s first year of Junior High School (grade 7), the first year of High School (grade 10), and Year 1 of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Specifically for academic year 2020 – 2021, the "Konstantinos and Rea Nanopoulos" Scholarship was established to support a student who hails from or resides in Pelion to attend Athens College.


The “Maria Kontaridis and Vassilis Konstantellis” and “Ioanna Paleologou” Scholarships were also instituted to support two students hailing from and residing in Lemnos or Agios Efstratios to attend Athens College.


A. Merit Scholarships Program


Candidates must meet the following three criteria:


1. Distinction on the entrance examinations


Excellent results in the English Language and Math exams (minimum cumulative score of 160/200 and a minimum score of 75/100 in each of the aforementioned subjects)

2. Desirable traits which ensure the prospective candidates' special contribution to school life

  • High academic performance
  • Exceptional ethos and personal characteristics, as well as diverse interests, that will contribute to the multicultural character of the student body
  • Special talents as demonstrated in previous academic years, including extracurricular interests and activities
  • Self-confidence and a desire to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered by Athens College - Psychico College

3. Demonstrated financial need

Application Procedures for Merit Scholarships

Once the results of the entrance examinations are announced, successful candidates with top scores in Modern Greek and Mathematics, or respectively in English and Mathematics, are invited by a Special School Committee to submit, if they wish, an application for a Merit Scholarship. Requisite financial and supporting documents must be submitted along with the application and candidates must agree to a date for an at-home interview. Notwithstanding, candidates must obtain a passing score (50%) in English in order to be admitted to the College.

C. At-home Interviews

The Administration selects psychologists and teachers from each of the school units to conduct at-home interviews using a questionnaire expressly developed for this purpose.

Following the visit, the team of interviewers submits a report to the Scholarship Committee, which along with the application and supporting documents form the basis for the Committee’s final selection of Merit Scholarship recipients.

D. Coverage / Duration of Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships cover in full the cost of tuition, purchase of textbooks and use of school bus transport for the entire duration of the merit scholar’s studies, until such time as he/she graduates from the General High School or International Baccalaureate (IB) program.  Each year, however, a review will be conducted to ensure that the conditions of the scholarship (high academic standards, scholar’s ethos and family’s financial need) continue to be met. 

Financial Aid Program

It is College policy to consider requests for financial assistance from families facing serious financial hardships in order that they may receive financial assistance. Students who pass the entrance exams but who are not granted a Merit Scholarship are eligible to apply for financial assistance within the framework of the Financial Aid Program.

For further information regarding the Financial Aid Program, please call tel: 210-6798135, 210-6798100 ext. 4775.