Athens College Academic Departments

Academic Departments are an Athens College institution. Their role, apart from planning and coordinating the teaching of their respective subject content, is to promote and achieve the educational objectives of the College.  Junior High and High School teachers, depending on their area of specialization, constitute the Academic Departments.

The chief task of each Department is to formulate academic and pedagogical proposals for the better attainment of its subject matter’s objectives and to present those proposals to the Administration.  More specifically, under the chairmanship of the Head of the Department, its members meet regularly to discuss and make recommendations on:

  • the content, direction and methodology of each  course
  • the creation and implementation of pilot programs
  • the coordination of courses per level/grade
  • the coordination of School units
  • the assessment of student performance
  • the publication of learning aids or supplementary materials
  • teacher training

At Athens College, the Junior High and High School’s Academic Departments are unified; hence, each department’s members include educators from both School units.  The Academic Departments are as follow:

1.    Greek Language
2.    History and Social Studies
3.    Mathematics
4.    Natural Sciences
5.    English
6.    Physical Education
7.    Music
8.    Information and Communication Technologies


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