Invitation to Participate in 2019-2020 “SCHOOL Project” Program

Office of the
Co-Director of Athens College
Coordinator of the HAEF School Units


Monday, September 24, 2019

Dear Parents,

Call for Interest

As part of our School’s objective to offer a broad-based educational experience to its students, Athens College will implement for a second consecutive year the “SCHOOL Project,” in partnership with the NGO “The HOME Project.” The “SCHOOL PROJECT,” which you warmly embraced last year, is an educational program aimed at unaccompanied refugee minors.

During their stay in Greece, unaccompanied refugee minors are hosted by the charitable organization, “The HOME Project,” which was launched to support, protect and socially integrate these children in their new environment. The “HOME Project” is an acronym whose name is derived from the words Help, Overcome, Motivate and Empower.  Managing Director of the Charity is alumna Sofia Kouvelaki ’02 with whom we have collaborated to design a program that is both constructive and safe for all participants.

Student-refugees attend classes during the week at Public Intercultural Schools affiliated with the localities where the “HOME Project” hostels are found. They, therefore, meet all the requirements for enrollment and attendance in our nation’s primary and secondary schools, including certification of their health status.  Moreover, the “HOME Project” oversees the vaccination and medical examination program of all refugee minors at Public Hospitals.

For academic year 2019-2020, we call upon volunteer-students from our Elementary Schools’ 5th and 6th grades and from Junior High School grade 9 through High School grade 12 who will participate as classmates of the refugee minors.  Volunteer College teacher will teach the classes.  This year, three sections will operate:
· one section of Elementary School boys and girls
· one section of JHS grade 9 – HS grade 12/IB2  male students
· one section of JHS grade 9 – HS grade 12/IB2 female students

We, therefore, invite your children to participate in the “SCHOOL Project” Program which will begin on Saturday, October 12, 2019 and run through the remainder of academic year 2019-2020.  By offering a little of their time on Saturday mornings to attend lessons taught by our volunteer teachers, your children’s role as classmates of refugee-students will act as catalysts in the educational process.  More importantly, your children will help refugee minors integrate into Greek reality.

Classes will be held on the Psychico campus by our volunteer teachers, under the supervision of our School’s security service and chaperones from the “HOME Project.”  The timetable for Saturday courses will be as follows:


1st shift




2nd shift


Volunteer students of the same gender and age as students from “The HOME Project” will be selected for each shift.  If more than one volunteer student fulfills the aforementioned criteria (gender and age), then the time at which the volunteer’s application was submitted will strictly determine the selection process.

Parents who wish to have their children participate in the “SCHOOL Project” are requested to complete the attached form (in Greek) and to send it by email to:, any time between Friday, September 27, 2019, 20:00 hours and Monday, September 30, 2019, 20:00 hours.

Applications received outside the above timeframe will not be taken into consideration.

Yours truly.


Apostolos Athanasopoulos
Co-Director of Athens College
 Coordinator of the HAEF School Units