Letter to 10th Grade Parents regarding Child’s Name in Latin Characters 2019-20

Psychico, October 2, 2019



Dear Parents,


For Personal Projects, your child must be enrolled in the IBO’s International Baccalaureate Information System (I.B.I.S.).


To enroll your child, his /her name is entered using Latin characters.  In order for us to complete the registration properly, kindly provide us with a copy of his/her National ID card or Passport by Monday, October 7, 2019.  Either you or your child can bring the photocopy to the Secretariat (Ms. Kostaridi, office 103) or you can scan and send it as an email attachment to: lykeioac@haef.gr .


In the event that we do not receive the aforementioned photocopy by the due date, the School will proceed to enroll your child entering his her name in English as it appears on the 2019-2020 10th grade registration form.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Christos I. Konstantopoulos
Athens College

High School Director