First period class absence or tardiness
First period classes begin at 08:30 and students must be in class by that time. 

Tardiness during intermediate periods
During intermediate periods, tardy arrival to class beyond 5 minutes is not permitted.  At the teacher’s discretion, a student may be admitted late to class.  However, the tardiness is always recorded in the class attendance book.

Absence during intermediate periods
Unauthorized intermediate period absences are unexcused and students are subject to disciplinary measures.

Absence from School gatherings (Theater, Social Life)
Students absent from regular or special gatherings in the Theater, as well as from Social Life, are subject to disciplinary measures. 

Absence from full-day excursions, field trips, missions
Student participation in excursions and field trips is mandatory.  Students who do not participate are required to be present in School on the day of the outing.  Failure to do so results in absences for that day. 


Exemption from Physical Education Class

a.  One day exemptions from P.E. class are granted by the teacher and approved by the Administration.  Exempted students must be present in the location where the P.E. class is being held.  Seriously injured students, or those with a cold, may remain in their classroom if permission has been granted by the Administration.

b.  Longer-term exemptions or those for an entire academic year are granted only by decision of the Faculty Association upon submission of relevant medical documentation.


Leaving the School Grounds
Students must remain on the School grounds throughout the school day.  Leaving the School grounds without authorization is cause for severe disciplinary measures. 
In the event of serious or extenuating circumstances that necessitate a student’s late arrival to School, departure before the end of the normal school day, or absence from an intermediate period, a member of the High School Administration may issue permission to do so to the student.  It is advisable to apply for said permission a day in advance. For early departures, the student receives a special exit pass from his/her respective Assistant Director’s Office, which
 the student hands to the guard at the gate on his/her way out.