Field Trips and Excursions

Field Trips

The School’s curriculum includes field trips to museums, archeological sites and monuments, art exhibitions, public and private workplaces, as well as selected theatrical performances or concerts. Each outing is preceded by preparatory work in School and followed afterwards with discussions or review.  The goal of field trips is to broaden students’ horizons by bringing them in contact with social and cultural life outside the School environment.


Excursions include:

Full-day excursions
During the academic year, all High School students participate in one full-day excursion (without an overnight stay).   The excursion serves educational, cultural, environmental and entertainment objectives.

Multi-day excursions
A multi-day excursion, lasting up to five days, is organized for 12th grade (graduating class) students to a destination either within Greece, Cyprus or abroad.  It is scheduled for some time between October 15th and December 19th (return date) or from February 1st up until 10 days before classes end.  Excursions to Cyprus or abroad may be extended up to two additional days, pending approval by relevant authorities. 

These educational excursions are preceded by preparatory work in School, raising awareness about the cultural, historical, and ecological highlights of the location to be visited.