Mathematical Thinking

The “Mathematical Thinking” program, established 25 years ago, is a College institution aimed at offering students who love and have a talent for Mathematics an opportunity to find that which is lacking in the curriculum, at least to the extent that they would have liked; more precisely, to obtain a somewhat less conventional and more substantial approach to selected topics in the “science of numbers.”

By means of clever problems and activities which stimulate the imagination and develop analytical thinking skills, students discover the essence of Mathematics, which goes far beyond formulas and graphs: it is the encoded expression of absolute rationalism and the means for developing models to help us better understand the world around us.

At the same time, students of the “Mathematical Thinking” program are coached successfully (see “Distinctions”) in the competitions of the Hellenic Mathematical Society ("Pythagoras," “Thales,” “Euclides” and “Archimedes”).