Student Community

The Student Community is comprised of all students in all grades or, when grades are divided into sections, all students in all sections.  Student Communities are the nuclei of democratic life at School, where initiative, exploration and creativity abound.    They safeguard the free circulation of ideas, the freedom of speech, and promote, through democratic procedures, the unimpeded development of each student’s personality and his/her ability to formulate an opinion about all matters that concern students.  Concurrently, Student Communities, through their elected representatives, propose solutions to School issues to the Faculty and Administration.  Furthermore, they are responsible for the enforcement of School Life Regulations (i.e. tidiness and maintenance of School premises and teaching aids, proper student attire, etc.).  Finally, in collaboration with the School’s Faculty and Administration, and subject to their final approval, the Student Communities initiate and hold cultural and social events pertaining to all fields of science and art, and organize athletic events.

Student Community Organization

The Student Community encompasses all students attending Athens College High School.
This institution’s bodies are:
a.  the School Assembly,
b.  the fifteen-member High School Student Council,
c.  the five-member Class Boards.