Athens College Howland Oratory Competition Finals

The final round of this year’s Athens College Howland Oratory Competition, open to High School seniors, was held on Friday, May 15, 2020.  Winner of the Howland Prize is Aikaterini Sotiropoulou. 


The Howland Oratory Competition, held annually since 1933, was instituted in memory of Charles P. Howland, a great philhellene and ardent supporter of the School from its earliest years of operation.  Each year a prize is awarded to the senior class student who writes and delivers the best speech in Greek.


Students, this year, were asked to write a speech on the interrelationship and interdependence between humans and the environment, and the College’s unfailing contribution to the cultivation of environmental awareness.


The final round committee of judges was comprised of: Ms. Alexandra Asimakopoulou, Athens B΄ Directorate’s Educational Project Coordinator (PE02), Mr. Alexandros Delidis, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, alumnus 1987, and Mr. Antonios Markezinis, attorney and member of the HAEF Association (Somateio), alumnus 1965.


The students below qualified for the semi-finals

Fanourios Michalakis
Michail Mpakolas
Paraskevi-Maria Paliogianni
Alexia Papageorgiou
Maria Staikopoulou


The following qualified for the finals:


Maria-Ioanna Aggelousi

Petros Kaklamanis

Aikaterini Spanou

Aikaterini Sotiropoulou

Andreas Tsolmektsoglou


Congratulations to all the students who made it to the semi-finals and finals.  In the link below you can listen to all their speeches: