Finals of Athens College High School’s “Three Hierarchs” Oratory Competition

The finals of Athens College High School’s 2018-2019 “Three Hierarchs” Oratory Competition, open to 10th grade students, took place in the College Theater on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.  This year’s winner is Andreas Stratigopoulos who will deliver his speech at the High School’s Three Hierarchs Celebration on Tuesday, January 29th.  Second place went to Ariadni Moukani who will deliver her speech at the Junior High School’s celebratory event on that same date.

The topic of this year’s competition was: “An alarming phenomenon of our times is the increasing detachment between young people and books.  The Three Hierarchs serve as a model of the love of learning and promote creative and fruitful exposure to knowledge, having left behind a wealthy body of works. How then, in accordance with the life stance and the teachings of the Three Hierarchs can a love of learning and reading be cultivated in young people?”

The Hellenic Committee of the Finals was comprised of The Very Reverend Father Symeon Venetsianos, President of the Youth and Family Foundation of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, Mr. Vasileios Tzerpos, Director of the Historical Archives of the Church of Greece, and Mr. Sotirios Kollias, Theologian at the Experimental School of the University of Athens.

The following students qualified for the final round of the competition:

Kottaridis, Dimitrios                  

Melissios, Georgios-Alexandros

Moukani, Ariadni

Mpoura, Anna

Stratigopoulos, Andreas

In addition to the above, the following students qualified for the semi-finals after the first round: 

Efraimoglou, Ourania

Kotzamani, Olga

Molyndri, Marianna

Mpravou, Elli

Plamantoura, Kalliopi

Congratulations to the students for their effort.