M. Sfakianakis Lectures on Dangers of the Internet

On Monday, January 20, 2020, Athens College High School students attended a lecture of particular interest on “Dangers of the Internet,” held in the College Theater.  Keynote speaker was Mr. Manolis Sfakianakis, Hellenic Police Major General, as well as special investigator and cybercrimes analyst of the Cyber Security International Institute (CSI Institute).


After the speakers were introduced by High School Director, Mr. Christos Konstantopoulos, Mr. Sfakianakis informed the students about dangers arising from frivolous use of the Internet.  He also discussed ways to avoid and solve problems with new technologies, as well as ways to use the Internet securely.

Following Mr. Sfakianakis, Ms. Kalliopi Ioannou, Director of the CSI Institute, presented students with concrete instances illustrating cyber security issues, and gave them useful guidance on digital protection against malicious people and programs.


The presentation was rounded out by Marios Giannakou, long distance runner and researcher, and member of CSI Institute’s team, who shared his personal experience and suggested ways on how students can build up their self-confidence.