Astrophysicist D. Simopoulos Gives Lecture to Athens College High School Students

The lecture given by Mr. D. Simopoulos distinguished astrophysicist and Eugenides Planetarium’s director emeritus, on Monday, February 3, 2020 in Choremi Auditorium, captivated his audience, which was comprised of student-members of the Astronomy, Environmental, Eco-Ideas Eco-Activities, and Chemistry Clubs, as wells as the students who will participate in the CERN mission.  His lecture was on “Our Knowledge of the Universe.”


Among the topics he touched upon were; the creation of the universe; exploratory methods and instruments (telescopes and spacecraft); theories regarding the universe’s basic components (established descriptions); recent discoveries (detection of gravitational waves); and, what still remains unknown to man with regard to Particle Physics and Cosmology (asymmetry of matter and antimatter, existence of dark matter and energy). Towards the end of his presentation, among other things, he also talked about black hole collisions, wormholes and expansion of the universe, leaving his audience in awe.


Mr. Simopoulos was introduced by Mr. Christos I. Konstantopoulos, the Director of Athens College High School.