Athens College “Three Hierarchs” Oratory Competition

The final round of Athens College’s “Three Hierarchs” Oratory Competition, open to High School Sophomores (10th graders), took place in the College Theater on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


Winner of the 2019-2020 “THREE HIERARCHS” Prize is Maria-Nefeli Nasopoulou, who delivered her speech at the High School celebratory event for Three Hierarchs Feast Day. Tenth grader Aliki Dimitropoulou placed second in the Competition and, as such, delivered her speech at the Three Hierarchs Feast Day celebration at the Junior High.

The theme of this year’s speech writing was “The Ecological Problem.”  Students were asked to describe the dimension of the problem and to propose ways to protect the environment whilst taking into account the teachings of the Three Hierarchs. 


The Committee of Judges for the Competition Finals was comprised of: Right Reverend Metropolitan of Guinea and representative of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to Greece, Georgios; Mr. Michael-Emmanuel Kitromilidis, AL’09, Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG); and, Prof. Apostolos V. Nikolaidis, Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of Social Theology at the University of Athens.

Students who qualified for the Final round of the Competition were:

1. Dimitropoulou, Aliki

2. Gounari, Eleni

3. Mpadogiannaki, Magdalini

4. Nasopoulou, Maria-Nefeli

5. Serepa, Vasiliki-Rafaella  


Those who made it to the Semi-Finals included:

1. Apostolidou, Eufemia

2. Paravanti, Ioanna-Anastasia

3. Polydorou, Eleni

4. Psarogiorgou, Anna-Maria

5. Sargantanis, Stamatios


Congratulations to all students who took part in the Finals as well as the Semi-Finals of this Competition.