CETERIS PARIBUS Entrepreneurship and Alternative Tourism

Teacher – Advisor: Mr. Ioannou

Entrepreneurship is not just the establishment and monitoring of a business. It is the discovery, mobilization and activation of talents and the endless possibilities for expression and creativity. It is the management of fears and the mastery of inhibitions in the face of possible failure.  It is the acceptance of uncertainty and its transformation into action.


Members of the Club have an opportunity to engage in two simulation games whose objective is to develop participants’ perception of the notion of “business.”

Students, in teams, try to establish and run a virtual business aimed at a specific market.  It’s an interesting concept to help students become familiar with actual facets of the economy
Students, in teams, manage a business with the objective of maximizing profits.

In tandem with the above activities and within the context of alternative tourism, students will become familiar with issues related to hiking, such as hiking gear, trail snacks and food, as well as the risks of hiking and safety measures that should be taken.


The criterion for selecting students to join this Club is each candidate’s proposal on how to produce an innovative product. 



Projected number of student members: 20