Cinema I, II, III and IV

Teacher – Advisor (Cinema I): Mr. Symeonidis

Teacher – Advisor (Cinema II): Mr. Rounis

Teacher – Advisor (Cinema III): Mr. Kakalis

Teacher – Advisor (Cinema IV): Mr. Protopapas

Cinema Club members get to preview and discuss films that are related to a selected topic for that academic year.  Discussions center on social topics, cinematography and film directing.  Members also prepare materials for the Cinema Booth at the annual Panigyri (School Fair).

Criteria for selecting Club members:

  • Knowledge or interest in different directing techniques.
  • Knowledge or interest in the characteristics distinguishing films by country of production and/or directing.
  • Knowledge or interest in screenwriting or movie adaptation from books.
  • Knowledge or interest in ways of building a movie plot and escalating tension.
  • Critical thinking, interest in social, scientific, economic and political issues which may constitute the main theme of a film.
  • Interest in film production costs, the relationship between filmmaking cost and those of box office revenues and distribution rights, and anything else related to the economics of movie making.