Leadership in Communities (LINC)

Teacher-Advisor:  Mr. Takopoulos

The Leadership in Communities Club aims to study and cultivate leadership at the level of community organizations (school, scientific, professional, state, political, religious and cultural communities), as well as to empower students to be responsible citizens of the world and, possibly, future leaders. At all levels of leadership, the goal is to establish an effective, organized and inspirational relationship between members of the community and its leadership in order to achieve the objectives of the said community.  In this Club, students will:

1. systematically study how leadership is exercised in communities through the completion of projects;
2. meet with political, intellectual, scientific and professional leaders;
3. go on a field trip to relevant international and European organizations.

The club is open all High School students.  Maximum number of students:  25
Selection process:  In the event that more than 25 students express an interest in joining, selection will be based on students’ written answers on at test that will be administered in the Library.