Teacher - Advisors: Mr. Palantzas, Ms. Seitanidi, Ms. Asimakopoulou


MUN (Model United Nations) is a simulation of a U.N. (United Nations) General Assembly during which time committees representing member countries discuss issues of concern to the international community.  These committees support political viewpoints and formulate positions which they debate in General Assemblies, concluding with a voting procedure to either ratify or veto proposed resolutions. Club members attend U.N. simulation conferences where current, major issues are discussed, views are presented and negotiations at an international level take place. Students (delegates) conduct research before conferences in order to stay true to the actual position of the country they represent (which may or may not be their native country) as well as that of their fellow committee members.  They act as responsible citizens, capable of formulating opinions on issues of social and political content.  They have an opportunity to exchange views with similarly-aged adolescents from around the globe on current issues facing the international community and to reflect on matters of major concern, such as demilitarization, environmental policies, human rights and more.


Criteria for the selection of Club members are:
Knowledge and interest in global policy issues 
Good command of the English language 
Assessment will be based on a text written by the candidate-students during the selection process (during big break, in Choremi Auditorium, candidates will write, without the use of notes or other aids, their answer to a question chosen by the Teacher-Advisors)

Criteria for the selection of students who participate in conferences are:
Preparation of texts / proposals (resolutions)
Submission of texts / proposals within the specified time (deadlines) 
Consistency, diligence, commitment, active participation in Club meetings


Projected number of student members: 40