Strength Training & Muscle Toning


Teacher – Advisors: Ms. Sagani, Ms. Stathopoulou


The aim of the Club is to give students knowledge and stimuli to properly exercise different muscle groups of the body. 

Training takes place in the area of the Covered Gymnasium where the exercise machines are housed (hall 4).  Along with a proper exercise routine, students learn the basic principles of exercise and training.  They can exercise using weights as well as aerobic training machines. 

The year begins with a demonstration of the various machines, their proper use and how to properly adjust them to fit the each student’s individual anthropometric characteristics. Following this, students are directed towards warm-up machines and then towards strengthening machines, whilst bearing in mind their personal needs and preferences. There, students exercise under the guidance and supervision of the teacher in charge.

The Club’s teacher – advisors provide an exercise regime, observe the correct execution of exercises, correct as required, and maintain vigilance in order to avoid student injuries.  At the end of the hour session, the desired outcome is for students to have exercised all of the body’s main muscles and to leave feeling content and ready to tackle their difficult day by taking advantage of the euphoria one feels after having exercised.

Maximum number of students: 20.  Selection will be based on the preference order marked by the student on his/her Club selection form and his/her overall interest in Physical Education.