Environmental – Climatic Change - Meteorological

Teacher – Advisors: Mr. Arvanitis, Mr. Ververas


Environmental degradation is a reality facing modern societies. The establishment of the Environmental Club is part of environmental education, helping students to become familiar with the problem and develop ways and methods that can help solve it.  A look at the relationship between people, society and the environment leads to the need to cultivate values and choices at both the individual and social level.  In this Club we strive to understand the problem and the substantive studies that surround it.

The increasing frequency of extreme weather phenomena in recent years makes the redefinition of this relationship even more compelling.  This destabilizing climate, among other things, makes life in urban centers unbearable.

At a time when prompt and reliable weather forecasting is critical and vital, we are going to study how the weather “machine” that has been bringing rain and snow since the dawn of time operates.  Can human activities disrupt its operation?

The main objective of the Club is to develop a recycling program at the School and to raise awareness amongst students and teachers to this regard.  Amongst its various actions aimed at stimulating environmental awareness, the Club fully organizes the collection of scrap paper though the placement of distinctive bins around the School.  Additionally, it implements the battery recycling initiative “AFIS.”

Criteria for membership in the Club:
An interest in the environment and willingness to actively participate in activities.
Projected number of student members:  30