Friends of Military History

Teacher - Advisor: Mr. Charatsis


The Friends of Military History Club aims to cultivate a love for history and to provide a thorough study of decisive battles whose outcome determined the fate of nations and states.  Club members will discuss in detail and analyze (using relevant armament schemes, charting, descriptions of uniforms and weaponry) those battles whose respective final outcome was decisive for humanity on a military or socio-economic level. They will analyze the regular movements of military troops as well the psychological decisions taken by certain generals and rulers (decision making, risk analysis).  Also, the objective strategic goals, as well as the rise and fall of kingdoms, empires and nations which determined the continuation of historical and social eras.  The Club is targeted at students who love History, are interested in military tactics, as well as the weaponry used by opposing forces (for example: gunpowder vs. bows and arrows, horsemen vs. organized infantry, etc.).


Projected number of student members:  12