Speak Truth to Power

Teacher – Advisor: Ms. Sarantopoulou



The operation of this Club is based on the “Speak Truth to Power” educational program of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights.  This program is a multi-faceted, global, pedagogical initiative aimed at educating students on human rights, urging them to take actions to protect those rights.   It draws on the experiences of human rights activists from around the globe, many of whom have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.  The issues raised relate to a range of issues, from slavery and activism to environmental protection, religious freedom and the significance of citizens in public life.  Students will have an opportunity to study a wealth of material and discuss a variety of cases. Thus, they will be equipped to design a variety of activities and events.


Projected number of student members:  20
Students will be selected based on their performance on a written test that will include multiple choice, true-false questions and/or an open-ended question on human rights.