Teacher - Advisor


A Teacher – Advisor is allocated to each High School section in order to deal with students’ academic, pedagogical, and disciplinary problems.

The main duties of the Teacher – Advisor are as follow:

  • He/she assumes the responsibility of monitoring, both on an individual and on a collective level, the academic, pedagogical and disciplinary progress of students in the section.  He/she serves as liaison to coordinate communication between students, teachers and parents.
  • He/she individually meets with students and their parents as a follow-up to information obtained from Administrators and other teachers regarding students’ academic, disciplinary and personal problems.

  • He/she informs students about the School’s rules and regulations, its distinctive features, its organization and available services (i.e. Counseling Office) and advises them with regard to their responsibilities, duties and rights.

  • He/she ensures a spirit of cooperation, cohesion and good communication among students in order to foster a climate conducive to student participation in Clubs. He/she is concerned, as are the students, with activities that broaden students’ education and encourages their participation in community and social activities.  To this end, the Teacher - Advisor collaborates with the 5-member Class Board.

  • On a personal level, he/she counsels students on academic, disciplinary, attendance, and personal issues.

  • He/she encourages academically gifted students to broaden their knowledge and interests and to participate in national or international competitions.

  • He/she collaborates with all of the section’s teachers on matters concerning the students.

  • He/she acts as an Advisor during Social Life sessions, where student concerns are raised, predominantly by the Class President, and where he/she, in turn, address class problems (i.e. absences, discipline).  The counseling serves as good measure for the prevention of disciplinary and other problems.