Physics Thinking

The “Physics Thinking” program is a College institution aimed at providing students with an in-depth look at Physics and other natural sciences topics, beyond those set by the School’s curriculum. Once a week, students with heightened interest in matters surrounding modern day physics, astrophysics, environmental issues, the history of natural sciences and phenomena associated with everyday life, as well as those who are puzzled by these matters, meet with the teacher-advisor to discuss their concerns and to seek answers.

The program does not limit itself to discussions, but also develops the students’ laboratory skills.  At the same time, the students themselves give presentations on issues that have piqued their interest and they participate in educational field trips that reinforce their interest in the natural sciences.

Within the context of this institution, coaching is provided to students wishing to participate in national and international competitions, such as the European Union Science Olympiad and the Panhellenic Physics Competition.

Students interested in joining the “Physics Thinking” program may contact the School’s Physics teachers or visit the High School Secretariat (Ms. Koutsopoulou, office 204).