Junior High School Administration

The Junior High School Administration team is comprised of the Director, Deputy Director, and Assistant Director.  The team is responsible for the School’s day to day operation and, in collaboration with the Faculty, for the achievement of its pedagogical objectives.



Vasiliki Tla

Deputy Director : 

Vasiliki Moumtzi

Assistant Director - ΜΥP Coordinator: 

Antonia Gaitani

Faculty Association

All teachers, from all departments, comprise the Junior High School Faculty Association. The Chairman of the Faculty body is the School’s Director, or the Director’s legal substitute.

The Faculty:
- at the end of the academic year, decides on students’ advancement to the next grade level, graduation, referral for reassessment or expulsion, based on relevant data and grades recorded in the School’s registers.
- imposes penalties upon students in accordance with relevant and existing provisions and, at the end of the academic year, classifies students’ conduct and attendance records based on specific and well-documented data.
- decides on excursions, hikes, field trips and student events, either by consensus or through committees.

Faculty Meetings on Pedagogical Issues

These informal meetings, held once or twice a year, are attended by the vast majority of teachers of each section in every Junior High School grade.  Their purpose is to have teachers:

(a)   address pedagogical, academic and disciplinary problems related to the class section as a whole or to individual students within that section.

(b)   exchange views and frame a common approach in dealing with certain students or problematic situations.         

(c)   create and use a comprehensive student profile for each pupil;  one in which academic and disciplinary traits evident in day to day educational exchanges, but which cannot be qualified by a single test score or conduct characterization, are recorded.

This assessment is brought to the attention of all section teachers, the Administration and to students’ parents, whenever deemed useful and necessary, via the student’s Teacher-Advisor.

Pedagogical Meetings are a powerful tool for formulating equitable and collaborative assessments of students’ skills, weaknesses and needs, and greatly contribute to improving teaching.

Teacher - Advisor

Each Junior High School section is allocated a Teacher – Advisor who handles his/her students’ problems (academic, pedagogical, disciplinary).

The main duties of the Teacher – Advisor are as follow:


He/she assumes the responsibility of monitoring, both on an individual and on a collective level, the academic, pedagogical and disciplinary progress of students in the section.  He/she serves as liaison to coordinate communication between students, teachers and parents.


He/she Individually meets with students and their parents as a follow-up to information obtained from Administrators and other teachers regarding students’ academic, disciplinary and personal problems.


He/she ensures a spirit of cooperation, cohesion and good communication among students in order to foster a climate conducive to student participation in extracurricular activities. He/she is concerned, as are the students, with activities that broaden students’ education and encourages their participation in the activities of the Junior High School Student Community.

To this end, the Teacher - Advisor collaborates with the 5-member Class Board.


On a personal level, he/she counsels students on academic, disciplinary, attendance and personal issues.  He/she identifies students with special interests, as well as those with artistic or athletic talents, and shares this information with other teachers and the Administration.


He/she acts as an Advisor during Social Life sessions, where student concerns are raised, predominantly by the Class President, and where he/she, in turn, addresses class problems (i.e. absences, discipline).  This counseling serves as good measure for the prevention of future disciplinary and other problems.

Class Council

The Class Council is comprised of the teachers who teach a particular section and the Deputy Director who chairs the meetings.
The Class Council meets, upon request of the Director, whenever an issue relating to the functioning of the class, or section thereof, arises.  The Class Council may also convene at the written request of at least three teachers or of the Teacher - Advisor

Faculty Liaison Committee for Student Community Activities

The activities of the Junior High School’s Student Community are many and implemented thanks to the effort and efficiency demonstrated by the students, as well as the assistance of the Teacher – Advisors to the Student Community, who support and advise them.
With their help, the Student Community: holds elections and General Assemblies;  organizes Solidarity Day, Health Education Day, the Junior High School Dance, the Educational Expedition, and the Junior High School’s participation in the School Fair (Panigyri); publishes  “The Junior High School News” (Ta Nea tou Gymnasiou).