Counseling Services


Interschool Coordinator,
Department of Educational Psychology:
M. Alivizatou

Junior High School Counselors:
Ε. Chalkia, P. Siaperas



Many children, during their school life and in conjunction with puberty, face problems with which they have difficulty coping and are, therefore, in need of guidance.  The Athens College Junior High School Counseling Office is staffed by Psychologists who, in close collaboration with the School’s Administration and Faculty, as well as with Parents, support children in finding ways to handle those difficulties.

As such, the goal of the Junior High School’s Counseling Office is to create an environment that promotes learning and development. Within its domain lie:

  • Developmental and educational problems associated with school performance and school adjustment (i.e. special educational needs). 
  • Social or interpersonal problems associated with learning and behavior. 
  • Counseling to help students find better studying strategies. 
  • Supporting students’ adjustment to school by promoting a sense of contentment and comfort therein, enhancing communication, social, and problem solving skills, as well as stress management and restraint 
  • Supporting students’ understanding and acceptance of diversity among peers. 
  • Supporting students with organizational difficulties and time management.
  • Counseling students facing social and emotional problems.
  • Supporting students with problems associated with adolescence or mental health, which prevent a smooth transition to High School.
  • Counseling in adverse social situations that hinder the healthy development of a student, such as school bullying.

The Counseling Office, in cooperation with the Faculty, promotes the creation of a safe and supportive school environment that strengthens and develops a student’s character. Indicative of this effort is the Health Education Program.

Health Education Program (H.E.P.)

The Health Education Program is implemented by Faculty members who have attended seminars where they have been trained by expert psychologists.  They carry out their work in collaboration with the School’s Psychologists and the University Mental Health Research Institute (U.M.H.R.I.).

Students are divided into groups of 12 or 13 pupils in order to achieve cohesion and to allow the active participation of all members of the group.

The goal of H.E.P. is to facilitate our students’ proper and orderly socialization, to strengthen each member’s self-esteem and to promote respect for other group members, as well as to enhance personal defense skills to ward off negative influences and pressures.

The program includes a series of interesting and unique activities that help students understand the consequences of smoking on health, as well as pressures they will likely face, and ways to address those pressures in their daily lives.

The Department of Educational Psychology’s Counselors responsible for the Athens College Junior High School are Eleni Chalkia and Panagiotis Siaperas.

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