Approaches to Learning


Approaches to learning (ATL) help students “learn how to learn.” They aim to develop learning skills that gradually improve with practice.  They provide a common language that students and teachers can use to reflect on, and articulate on, the process of learning. The focus of ATL is on helping students to develop the self-knowledge and skills they need to enjoy a lifetime of learning.


ATL encompasses both general and discipline-specific skills. While ATL are not formally assessed in the MYP, they contribute to students’ achievement in all subject groups.  Over time, students should understand how they learn best and how they can evaluate the effectiveness of their learning.


ATL skill categories

MYP ATL skill clusters


Ι. Communication


ΙΙ. Collaboration


ΙΙΙ. Organization






VI. Information literacy


VII. Media literacy


VIII. Critical thinking


IX. Creative thinking


X. Transfer