Elementary School Internal Phone Numbers

Dear Parents,


As you will have noticed, the way phone calls are placed to the school units has changed.  You now call the main switchboard and via an automated system you are then connected to the Secretariat or the service that you would like to reach.


Because of some difficulties encountered by those calling in, we provide you with the internal extensions of the Athens College Elementary School Secretariats.  Once the automated system instructs you to dial the extension number, you will be able to use one of the relevant numbers below:


  • Director’s Administrative Secretariat: 52280
  • Main Secretariat: 52260
  • Upper Sections Secretariat: 52282
  • Middle Sections Secretariat: 52284
  • Lower Sections Secretariat: 52285
  • Extracurricular & Extended Program Secretariat: 52209
  • Infirmary: 52223
  • Physical Education Secretariat: 51142



Thank you.