English is the main foreign language taught at Athens College.  It is a core subject taught on a daily basis.  The English Department is comprised of 14 teachers, the majority of whom are native speakers. The main objective of this subject is for students to become fluent in English.  The teaching process focuses on both language comprehension and usage, utilizing appropriate age-based activities.

The methodology used is a combination of the Communicative, Notional/Functional and Structural approaches.  In addition, ongoing developments in the “Teaching for Understanding” and “Interdisciplinary Teaching” approaches are closely followed. 

In 1st and 2nd grades, students are divided into sections based on their verbal communication skills in English. 

Starting in 3rd grade, students are placed in one of three programs based on their verbal communication skills.  These programs are:

ENL     English as a Native Language: a course for native and, hence, fluent English speakers.
ESL     English as a Second Language: a course for speakers with intermediate fluency in English.
EFL     English as a Foreign Language: a course for students for whom English is a foreign language.  Fluency for these students improves progressively over their six-year period of study.

In 1st and 2nd grades, emphasis is placed on the development of verbal skills (oral communication and listening comprehension skills).  At the end of 2nd grade, students are introduced to pre-writing and pre-reading activities.  Writing activities are fully introduced in 3rd grade.

The 5th grade curriculum includes Drama activities in English in order to help students develop their oral communication skills and thus increase their confidence in using the English language.

Creative writing and computer use are introduced in the 6th grade curriculum for the purpose of developing writing skills.

There is an English language section in our Library.  Students are encouraged to regularly borrow extracurricular books in English.

A remedial teaching program has been established, offering individual tutoring to students with special learning difficulties.

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, students participate in theater performances and sing songs in English.

Lastly, student projects written in English are published in the magazine “The Kantzian.”