Creative Activities - Visual Arts

The overall objective of the Visual Arts program is to cultivate in students a better understanding and enjoyment of visual arts so that they will be inspired to one day become artists, collectors and appreciators of art.  This is achieved through activities including the study of artwork, as well as art history, and through the creation of artwork using various media.

Specifically, students are encouraged to:
- Observe, experiment, and exert their potential to create art pieces using simple materials and techniques.
- Become familiar with various techniques and means necessary to express themselves creatively and to convey their ideas, emotions and experiences.
- Understand and familiarize themselves with symbols as well as figurative and formal elements used by visual artists.
- Grasp the essence of art so that they can understand and enjoy it.
- Develop a positive stance and open mind towards works of art.
- Come into contact with a broad spectrum of art pieces and to be able to understand, analyze, interpret and evaluate them in order to appreciate both the Greek and international heritage these works carry forth.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Visual Arts curriculum, outlined by the Ministry of Education, has been supplemented by extra class hours.  Lessons are not confined only to the classroom; they also make use of a 400 square-meter workshop equipped with a wide array of tools and supplies.

As early as 3rd grade, students are divided into groups and with the guidance of one Visual Arts teacher per group are given the opportunity to experiment with painting, collage, clay, construction, wood carving, etching, metal sculptures and computer art.

The Visual Arts Department features a library with art books and a considerable number of slides that students are afforded the opportunity to view during their lessons.