Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations







All students should be aware that:

  • Anyone who has not submitted his/her health certificate in advance may not participate in swimming lessons.
  • Anyone with open wounds or skin irritations/diseases is not allowed in the pool.
  • Food and soft drinks should not be consumed for at least three hours prior to swimming lessons.
  • Everyone entering the pool is expected to comply with standard cleanliness practices:  specifically, students should use the bathroom before getting into the pool and should shower before and after swimming lessons.
  • Changing into swimming attire is permitted only in the locker rooms and care should be taken that no damage is caused to these facilities. 
  • Personal items should be gathered together in one place.  When leaving, each student should make certain that he/she takes only his/her own items.
  • Mandatory attire for swimming lessons consists of the College swimsuit and the College swimming cap.
  • Flip-flops are the only footwear permitted in the pool area.
  • Careful use of all training equipment is expected in order to avoid damages.
  • Entering the pool area is prohibited without the presence of teachers and all students are expected to follow teachers’ as well as aides’ instructions.
  • Exiting the pool should be done with great care, using the handrails on the stairs.
  • Running and horseplay are forbidden both in the pool area and in the locker rooms.