Information Technology

Over the last years, the use of computers for educational purposes has become essential in order to address the new and burgeoning social, professional and financial necessities that have resulted from the rapid growth of a modern and global society of information.

As early as the mid-1980s, our School was one of the first educational institutions in Greece to introduce the teaching of computer skills.  To this day, our curriculum is constantly being revised and our lab infrastructure is constantly being updated, reflecting our commitment to keep ahead of the curve in the field of computer science.

Information Technology has been integrated into the curriculum in various ways:
a)      As an individual course, taught within the normal school day in specially designed Computer Laboratories.
b)      As a learning medium for other courses such as English and Visual Arts.
c)      As a means of  enhancing creative activities within the realm of the School’s many clubs that meet during the course of the normal school day.