Marathon Race Reenacted at Athens College Elementary School

In view of the 37th Athens Marathon, The Authentic, which will take place on November 9th and 10th, our School’s Physical Education Department organized a “reenactment” of the Marathon race,  a tradition that has been carried on for fifteen years.  The entire school participated in the event that was held on Tuesday, November 5th.





Fifth and sixth graders were runners, third graders were volunteer “signage holders” along the route, fourth graders were in charge of refueling and cleanliness, and first and second graders were enthusiastic spectators who encouraged the runners.




Our motto: “I, too, support the College Marathon,” was dedicated to strengthening the Scholarship Fund by supporting College runners in the Authentic Marathon.

It was a great experience that delighted young and old alike.

Good luck to our runners in the 37th Athens Marathon.