PYP Training Seminar for Teachers

As part of our school’s candidacy for Primary Years Programme certification by the International Baccaluareate Organization, an additional training session for Athens College Elementary School teachers took place on November 2nd and 3rd.  During the seminar, titled “Making the PYP Happen Implementing Agency,” Dina Helmy, Joanna Platkowska, Trecia Herbert and Sam Serhat of the IBO, thoroughly and in varied manners examinded issues that are of interest to teachers in an effort to implement the PYP.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • the basic principles of the Primary Years Programme
  • the Learner Profile
  • the international culture of learning and teaching
  • the research process
  • designing a cross-disciplinary research unit
  • the concepts of “agency” and “action” within the school community
  • designing a learning environment
  • student assessment in the context of the PYP
  • learning as a holistic process


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