Don’t Forget to Hold On to Plastic Bottle Caps!

The Student Council of Athens College Elementary School has decided that it will continue this year with the recycling activities it had adopted in the past.  Therefore, our school’s students have begun collecting plastic bottle caps.


At the beginning of October, members of the Student Council informed their classmates about the objectives of the activity and provided each section with two large, empty water containers in which students gather the plastic caps they collect.

By October 24th, they had gathered 40 large water containers filled with plastic caps, along with 3 large bags. The caps were given to the cooperative enterprise “Look to the Stars,” which reverted with a thank you letter highlighting the importance of our students’ contribution their initiative.


The activity has a reciprocal / rewarding character: plastic caps that are gathered are recycled and, in return, wheelchairs are provided to persons in need. Hence, our students understand that by supporting an environmental activity, they can make a meaningful contribution to society.