Athens College Elementary School Awarded at 1st Sea-Guards Conference

The 1st Sea-Guards Conference, organized by the non-profit organization Safe Water Sports, was held on October 5, 2019, at the Neraida Floating Museum which is berthed at Flisvos Marina.  Deputy Minister of Education, Ms. S. Zacharaki, declared the Conference open.


An Award Ceremony was held during the course of the Conference to honor schools that, during the previous academic year, carried out the most activities proposed by the educational program developed by the Safe Water Sports organization.  Athens College Elementary School was among those schools. First grade teacher, Mr. Y. Mouratoglou, and student, E. Doima, were on hand to receive the award.







The purpose of the Conference, and in particular the bestowal of awards, was to send a message that award-winning schools can influence many more schools to recognize the necessity for water sports accident prevention training.


The Conference closed with the hope that Sea-Guards will multiply and that one day everyone will have received the necessary training to prevent unpleasant situations.