Athens College Elementary School at 2020 Winter Youth Olympics Torch Lighting Ceremony

At the invitation of the National Olympic Academy (ETHN.O.A.O), Athens College Elementary School 6th graders attended the Olympic Flame Torch Lighting and Transfer Ceremony for the Lausanne (Switzerland) 2020 Winter Youth Winter Olympics, held at Panathenaic Stadium on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.


Youth Olympic Games are organized every four years by the International Olympic Committee.  They were first held in 2010 with the aim of introducing young athletes to the Olympic spirit.  The Youth Olympic Games is a global celebration of sports, where young athletes share ideas and views on Olympism.

Our 6th grade students, accompanied by their teachers, the Interschool Head of Physical Education and the Assistant Director of the Upper Section, had an opportunity to witness the torch lighting ceremony, exactly as it carried out in Ancient Olympia for the Olympic Games.  They observed the high Priestess light the flame with the help of solar rays and then deliver it to the first torchbearer to begin its journey to Switzerland.  They felt the thrill that this ceremony evokes around the globe and realized the significance and symbolism of the Olympic flame for the dissemination of Olympic ideals.





The participation of our 6th students in this ceremony marks the start of the educational program “Olympic Values,” which takes place annually in Ancient Olympic and in which Athens College Elementary School 6th graders partake.