International UIA-Architecture & Children Golden Cubes

On Tuesday, June 2nd, the Technical Chamber of Greece announced the names of schools that will represent Greece at the International UIA-Architecture & Children’s Golden Cubes Awards competition.


According to the announcement, Athens College Elementary School will represent our nation in the School Award category where it will present its project titled “Basic Instructions on How to Keep One’s Personal Logbook.”

This project evolves from the Architecture program that was introduced at Athens College Elementary School a decade ago (2011). Its primary goals is to familiarize students with Architecture by cultivating observation skills and helping them comprehend the notion of scale.  The program is designed and implemented by architect–parents of our School who familiarize students with structured environments, construction and material capabilities, as well as the concept of architectural form.  Lastly, students are introduced to the history of Architecture and the value of our architectural heritage.

Initially, individual class sections from different grade levels participated in the program.  In recent years, the Architecture program has been integrated into all 5th grade sections.  The program takes place over the course of 8 meetings and the final activity is the production of a three-dimensional model of Bodossakeio.  Fifth grade students and teachers participate actively and with great enthusiasm in the process.

We are particularly pleased that Athens College Elementary School will represent our nation at the International Awards!