Special Subjects

English, Physical Education and Fine Arts are taught by special subject instructors.  Coordinators for these subjects are as follow:


Ms. Alexandra Lazana:  Interschool Coordinator of Physical Education in the Elementary Schools

Mr. Stefanos Tsokakis:  Interschool Head of Music

Ms. Fani Kafetzopoulou:  Elementary School Head of English

Mr. Vasilis Karastathis: Elementary School English Department Coordinator
Ms. Maria-Panagiota Alivizatou: Interschool Head of Department of Educational Psychology

Teachers of all Special Subjects meet on a weekly basis as well as on extraordinary occasions when needed.   Meetings are chaired by a member of the Administration, the Coordinator, or the Head of the Special Subject Department in order to discuss:

  • Course content, progress and teaching methods
  • Exam content, marking and grading
  • Student assessment
  • Other matters related to class effectiveness.