Parents Updates

In order for the School to achieve its objectives, close collaboration with parents is essential.  As such, communication with parents is one of the School’s prime concerns.  Parents are entitled to detailed, reliable, clear, and continuous updates regarding their children’s academic progress.

Parents General Meetings

At the beginning of the academic year, an orientation meeting is held for parents of new students in order to acquaint them with the features, institutions and operating procedures of the School.  During the course of the year, the Administration and Faculty members also hold grade or class section meetings to familiarize parents with specific pedagogical issues.

Report Card Meetings

At the end of each term, parents receive student report cards and meet with their children’s teachers to discuss academic performance and progress.

Extraordinary Collaborative Meetings

When required, extraordinary meetings between parents, teachers and the School’s psychologists are organized by the Administration in order to discuss a child’s specific learning, emotional and social difficulties.

Parents Special Updates

Parents are contacted either by phone or in writing:

  • In the event of students’ extended absences
  • In the event of students’ repeated disciplinary misconduct
  • In the event of students’ repeated neglect of schoolwork
Students are not permitted to place phone calls to their parents during the course of the school day.  In case of emergency, students should request assistance from their Assistant Principal’s Office.