Department of Educational Psychology

Interschool Coordinator for the A.C. & P.C. Elementary Schools : M. Alivizatou
Counselors :  S. Moutzouri, T. Nisioti, N. Papadopoulou, A. Pispini


The Athens College Department of Educational Psychology supplements and supports the Elementary School’s continuing efforts to create an even more beneficial environment for its students’ pedagogical, intellectual and emotional development. 

Specifically, the goals of the Department of Educational Psychology are:

  1. To collaborate with the faculty in order to resolve issues related to student conduct and emotional development.

  2. To support both students and parents in order to effectively keep pace with the increased demands of our School’s curriculum.
  3. To organize counseling meetings with parents and students.

  4. To carry out the diagnostic assessment of school readiness for the students admitted to the 1st grade (prior to the beginning of the academic year).