Special Requests for Changes in School Bus Transport

Dear Parents,

We wish to inform you that for the overall upgrade of services provided and in order to best meet your needs, HAEF has put into operation a new, modern online app (for use on all your electronic devices) that will allow you to submit extraordinary one-day requests for changes in school bus transport electronically via the Internet.  More specifically:

  1. Exit Pass Request (Depart by private transport)
  2. Change in School Bus Route (Morning and at Dismissal)

All existing restrictions (submission deadlines, maximum number of changes per calendar month, etc.) will continue to apply as are.

For all other (more complex) special requests, you will need to follow the existing procedure that entails the submission of the standard form to the Elementary School Secretariat (by fax or email).  For any permanent changes, you will need to contact the Transportation Office directly.

If you wish further clarification, you may contact the Transportation Office at tel. (+30) 210 6798 189 (Ms. Lampiri, Mr. Zoupanos) or the respective Elementary School Secretariats (L.Sect. Ms. Ampatzi, tel. 210.6798100, ext. 52285 / M.Sect. Ms. Papadopoulou, ext. 52284 / U.Sect. Ms. Giannakopoulou, ext. 52282).