Core Curriculum

Our Kindergarten follows the latest pedagogical trends, placing the student at the center of the educational process.  A comprehensive, unified and multidisciplinary acquisition of knowledge is sought through an interdisciplinary approach, which is in line with children’s everyday encounters and experiences.  Children are able to connect different experiences, to observe and to experiment.  Each of the children’s queries is tackled through the lenses of various academic disciplines.

The Kindergarten’s core curriculum includes activities aimed at the all-round development of students.  Weekly activities target cognitive, socio-emotional and kinetic goals and are carried out in 2 languages (Greek and English). The core curriculum includes classes in Psychomotor Development, Drama Games, Music-Kinetic Education, Library and Art (kindergarten), taught by specialized personnel.  More information about the objective of each class can be found on the Greek version of this webpage (click on GR in the upper right hand corner).