Medical Services

The Medical Services of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (HAEF), unique in the both the public and private school sector in Greece, contribute to the protection and promotion of students’ health and their safe participation the School’s program and activities.


The nurse at the “J.M. Carras” Kindergarten’s Infirmary is Ms. Marina Kolizoi who provides her services during normal school hours when students are present.


The telephone number of the Kindergarten Infirmary is 210 6798252.


Basic first aid in cases of emergencies and treatment of simple symptoms is provided at the HAEF Infirmaries.  Specialized medical care, diagnoses, and mid to long-term treatment are not provided.


When symptoms do not subside within a reasonable amount of time or when it appears that a medical evaluation is prudent, then parents are asked to collect their child from School.  In cases that require immediate hospital treatment, an EKAB (National Center for Direct Aid) ambulance is called to transport the child to the public hospital on duty (together with a chaperone) and the parents are notified. 



When a student is ill, parents are obliged to inform, as soon as possible, the cause of the absence to the Secretariat.  In this instance, the student should remain at home until fully recovered.


Medical examination at the time of admission


Upon admission to the Kindergarten, the student is examined clinically by Dr. Anna Panagiotou, the "J.M. Carras" Kindergarten's pediatrician.


The Secretariat schedules an appointment at the Kindergarten Infirmary where the student arrives along with his/her parents. At this time, parents are obliged to bring in the requisite medical documents.

During the appointment, students are given a full physical examination and their medical history is provided to the doctor.  This appointment also serves as an introductory meeting with the School’s pediatrician who is available to discuss children’s health issues with parents.


Required medical documents

During the child’s medical examination the following are submitted:

  1. Student’s Personal Health Card (ΑDΥΜ)   
    (completed by the pediatrician who monitors the child)

  2. Medical Certificate

    (completed by the pediatrician who monitors the child)

  3. Child’s Health Booklet or other official health record indicating that the student has received all prescribed vaccinations.

  4. For students with chronic illnesses, severe allergies or other serious health issues, written instructions from the child’s attending physician regarding emergency treatment if a related incident occurs in School.


  • If there is a change in the student’s health status after the aforementioned documents have been submitted, parents notify the Kindergarten Infirmary and resubmit a new, updated Personal Health Card (ADYM).