Rules & Regulations regarding School Bus Transport

General Information

Parents of students attending the "J.M. Carras" Kindergarten have the obligation and responsibility to board their children on the school bus and the responsibility to collect them from the specified bus stop. In the event that the parent or other pre-authorized person is not present to collect the child, the School Bus Chaperone will not allow the child to exit the bus.  The Kindergarten Administration is immediately notified and after completing its normal bus route, the child that was not met by his/her parent is returned by the same bus and always with the same chaperone to the Kindergarten in Psychico (Capps Gate entrance - Emm. Benaki Street) where he/she will remain until such time as his/her parent collects him/her.

Transport by School Bus

During the first ten days of September, trial route services in the areas served by the School buses will determine the exact time that students will be collected in the morning and returned in the afternoon.

In order to avoid delays in the School bus routes, it is imperative that parents be at their child’s morning and afternoon bus stops at the time set by the Transportation Office.

When parents opt to avail themselves of the School bus service, they must pay the full fees for their respective region, regardless of the number of days and routes that their children will use the School bus.


If a student’s residence is outside the areas serviced, it is possible to be expedited from an intermediate zone on one of the bus routes, provided there is a safe and approachable place for the School bus to collect/leave the student.


Parents must register their children’s participation in the school bus program at the School’s Transportation Office before the end of the June enrollment period.  After June enrollment, applications to register in the school bus program are subject to space availability on the specified route and with the understanding that the specified bus route will not be altered.


In the event of a bus breakdown which results in its immobilization, students will remain on the bus until another bus reaches them, provided, of course, that the cause of the breakdown does not pose a risk to the students.  Alternatively, students are escorted by their chaperone to a thoroughly safe location.

Students are not allowed to exit the bus at stops other than those agreed upon with their respective parents.

All students - School bus passengers must be at the start of the route or at their specified bus stop on time.  The bus cannot wait.


The transportation of students to and from the "J.M. Carras" Kindergarten is carried out exclusively with minibuses which fully comply with the standards and conditions set out in applicable laws regarding the transfer of students.  Additionally, they carry at least the statutory minimum insurance coverage for bodily injury to passengers and third parties as well as property damage to third parties.


All buses used to transport students are newer models which comply with European specifications, are in excellent functional and mechanical condition, are similar to one another, have varying capacities and are presentable in appearance.  The have a valid certificate of conformity (KTEO) issued by the Inspection Unit of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, as well as the following equipment:

- Mobile phone system, allowing School bus drivers to communicate with one another, with the offices of the Carrier and the School’s Transportation Office, as well as with students’ parents.

- Safety belts (meeting European specifications, CE certified), individual and separate for each seat.

- Bucket type seats.


School bus chaperones are selected with great care and have received the necessary training in pre-school childcare (i.e. first aid, etc.).