Head of Sciences and Junior High School Supervisor:  Marios Galeros
High School Coordinator: Georgios Diplaris

Α. Overview

The Junior High - High School Sciences Department is comprised of faculty members who teach the following subjects:

  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Junior High and High Schools

  • Geography and Technology in Junior High School only

The objective of Sciences is to:

  • develop students’ cognitive, emotional and psychomotor skills
  • enable students to excel academically and to prepare them for higher education
  • develop students’ personalities, so that they become tomorrow’s citizens

Β. Teaching Methodology

A variety of teaching methods are used to achieve the set objectives and to adapt instruction to individual student’s needs.  Specifically, we use:

  • straightforward teaching
         - presentation or lecture

  • questions-answers or dialogue

  • teamwork

  • lab work:
        - demonstration experiments, conducted by the teacher to clarify theory, to bring students
          into contact with instruments -apparatuses, and to provide students with visual
        - group experiments, conducted by students in teams of four, under the guidance of the
          teacher and a lab assistant
        - virtual labs, presented on interactive whiteboards

  • research projects
  • field research
  • role playing
  • computer assisted simulations

Tools that we employ include:

  • notes and leaflets that our Department prepares and gives to the students
  • fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology laboratories
  • the Pedagogical Institute’s textbooks
  • field trips
  • presentations by scientists who have been invited by the School to speak to our students
  • various Science programs (“Science on Stage”)
  • educational television programs
  • the internet
  • conceptual maps